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Jameed Karaki: About

A conceptual artwork that embodies the artist’s vision of life and the succession of generations represented by the succession of strands of natural hair heading to the circular centre in an organic overlapping manner that simulates the intertwining paths of human beings.

the piece is composed of a large eye shaped medium with a diameter of 120 cm and constructed out of timber and glass. radiating from the center are tufts of real human hair. collected from young individuals, the hair has been chosen as the defining element due to its direct link to the human body and the perceived journey of a single hair – it grows, is cut off, then forgotten. the choice of shape is also significant as circular forms have long been held to signify the circle of life and death. essentially, with this piece i am is reminding all of us that our life span has an end, and that it’s inevitable.

Wasim Zaid  (3).jpg
Wasim Zaid  (4).jpg
Wasim Zaid  (7).jpg
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