Critical Mass - FluoreSAND

February 2018

Exhibited at DARAT AL FUNUN (Khalid Shoman foundation) main building among well-established artists from around the world during the exhibition titled "Truth is black, write over it with a mirages light".

Using the traditional sand art practiced in Jordan to fill discarded fluorescent tubes with pixelated patterns.

Critical Mass, This pattern reflects the critical mass, a term that indicates the sufficient number of adopters of innovation in a social system, so that the rate of adoption becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth. The layers of sand are positioned to resemble the transition phase of a critical mass affecting the existing mass.

The sand particles resembles the human presence and necessity in such movement.

Critical Mass- Made with more than 40 KG of layered colored sand, 39 fluorescent tubes glass and 78 Cylindrical beech wood pieces.

FluoreSAN, Critical mass, were selected by Peter McMullin Center of Statelessness and the Institute of Statelessness (Melbourne law university) in Australia, to be utilized as their website landing page and their very first issue front cover, as part of their ACADEMIC JOURNAL dedicated to advancing the understanding of statelessness and related citizenship phenomena and challenges.

FluoreSAND got nominated! -Over 2.800 artists from 97 countries applied for the BLOOOM Award 2018  (Germany) – FluoreSAND is one of the 175 nominees for the prize.

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